Features that allow you to meet new people and make better-informed decisions about your matches

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Side by side screens of two phones displaying Auracle Compatibility Report with an attractive long-haired smiling woman named Amy

Get to know your matches better

Percentage Compatibility. See just how well you’ll get along with each member, with no guess-work needed

Quality over Quantity. You have 72 hours to interact with each match, after which your match will expire. You can save your favourite matches to your Fave list in order to keep chatting with them. 

Compatibility is Everything

Research has shown that Personality accounts for success in long-term relationships much more than physical attractiveness or someone’s achievements and career. 

Why would you leave your personality compatibility to chance? 

Auracle now offers you the chance to see your in-depth compatibility report with each member.  

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Man’s hand holding a phone that shows Auracle Compatibility Report
Side by side screens of two phones showing Auracle privacy options for Platinum Members

Privacy Mode

Available only for Platinum Members. 

Have you ever worried about who gets to see your profile photo on dating apps? If you’re looking to find love online, but wish to stay anonymous, then you can activate the Privacy Mode. 

Once Privacy Mode is activated, users will only be able to see your profile photos if you grant them access.  Choose a profile cover that best represents your interest or personality!

Send and Receive Date Invitation

Create, reschedule, or cancel a date
Share your date details with a friend
Keep track of all your upcoming dates
Side by side screens of two phones showing details for a dinner date with Amy scheduled through Auracle


How many people can I see daily?

You can check out our Membership Tiers for more details. 

How do you calculate my compatibility with others?

Our unique match algorithm takes into account your personality, interests, and values when recommending a match to you. 

You can find out more about Our system and algorithm here

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