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More than just a dating app

The world’s first relationship app that uses a groundbreaking personality profiling system to find compatible matches for you.

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Do you like your coffee with or without sugar?

Imagine meeting someone on a dating app, and you decide to chat over a cup of coffee.

You order a mocha (less hot please) while he orders a latte. And then he asks the barista for two packets of sugar. 

You smile to yourself because, even without exchanging your first words, you know that you’d both get along just fine.  

Wouldn’t that be powerful? Having the ability to know, just from someone’s food choices, what their personality is like, and how compatible you both are. 

With Auracle, that power is in your hands now. We’ve discovered the link between your personality and your taste preferences, and in the past 5 years we’ve tested our palate questionnaire system on more than 3000 people to achieve over 85% accuracy

We generate a short personality summary on the profile of each user, so you no longer have to rely purely on someone’s bio to get to know them better.

Auracle question page asking user preference on how they like their eggs cooked

Just exactly how compatible are you?


We know how frustrated you are with online dating apps, so we decided to create something better. 

Powered by a unique algorithm with proven accuracy of over 85%, Auracle calculates your percentage compatibility with each match based on your shared interests, values, and personality. 

Even before you decide whether or not to like someone, you’ll get to see a short summary of your compatibility.

Welcome to the smartest online dating app in Singapore.
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Yes, it’s all about you


Now that you have your full personality profile, what do you do next?

You could look back with regret on everything you’ve ever done wrong in your past. But we have a better idea.

Our team of licensed psychologists and therapists have written articles that answer all your burning questions about love, life, and personal growth.

Check out advice that’s curated just for you and take action now to start living a healthier, happier life. 

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Friendship: the secret to living longer


We bet you didn’t know that your weekly girls’ brunch or get-together with the boys can increase your life expectancy. 

But what if you’ve just moved to a new city and don’t know many people yet? Or your current circle of friends don’t exactly share the same interests as you?

We’ve created Auracle with people like you in mind. You can now create and join community events, post public messages, or chat with people who are also trying to make new friends as adults.

You can now see how compatible you are with each new friend and connect over your common hobbies and passions!

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Why does one in four marriages in Singapore end up in a divorce?

And why are many more others stuck in unhappy relationships?

We’ve been through our fair share of heartbreaks. We’ve seen friends go from believing that their partner is their everything to a bitter, ugly divorce.

We created the app because we have a greater social purpose: to pair you up not just with some random person you through online dating sites or dating apps. But with people you are actually compatible with. 

Join us, and together we can create a world where love isn’t commoditised or reduced to an endless dating game.

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